Step One: Mount Phone

  • Subscribe to Vetreum’s services and receive a free microscope mount.
  • Place your phone in the mount and attach to microscope.
  • Use twist dials to center the camera so that only the slide contents are visible.

Step Two: Take Video and Submit

  • Open your smartphones camera app and record a video
  • Scan the slide as you normally would for a fecal float on 10x magnification.
  • Open Vetreum’s webpage on your smart phone and navigate to the fecal float submission page
  • Submit your video for analysis

Step Three: Review Results

  • Vetreum will automatically detect and count the most common small animal parasite eggs in the sample.
  • Review the result summary sent to your email.
  • Images of the detected parasites are available for review upon request.

Login to upload Slide Video

Currently in beta testing.- We invite you to submit videos (free of charge) for testing and development, but Vetreum is currently unable to provide diagnostic interpretations to users.